Clumsy Ninja: A review

Clumsy Ninja: A review

When you begin playing Clumsy Ninja, after one or two hours of level crushing with no payoff either big or small, the game ultimately feels more akin to a job than something pleasurable.
There is a lot to like in a Clumsy Ninja game. The ninja that you coach is basically a “virtual pet” and he is super adorable and likeable creature, along with his huge round head that is dotted with huge round eyes. Incredibly, he moves very obviously, even when he staggers and bumbles on the training fields.
The physics are even extra inspiring at the time you tap the key and hold on to the ninja and then drag or spin him in circular motion in the mid air. The animation is soft and his body progressions seem practical. Add to that the stunning renderings of the training fields and the training gadgets, and Clumsy Ninja is an enjoyment to look at.
For making your ninja less inept and more a master, you can train him with a set of gadgets like punching bags, trampolines, battle dummies, substances to throw and many more. When you finish a training class with each gadget, it gifts your ninja some skill points, and each level needs a certain number of points prior to moving up.

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