Review: iPod nano (7th G) merges the best of its precursors

Review: iPod nano (7th G) merges the best of its precursors

In conjunction with a new iPhone as well as a new iPod touch, the September’s Apple occasion brought with it a brand new iPod nano, the first in last 2 years. Similar to the case of so many iPod nano models, the iPod nano (7th G) is a striking re-imagining of Apple’s most-trendy customary iPod. But unlike the 6th G iPod nano, this one is frequently an upgrading over its precursor.
When 2010’s iPod nano was reviewed, it disappointed in many ways as Apple had taken its iPod nano line in a different direction. This model had its share of fan following certainly, gratitude to its inbuilt clip as well as watch-sized body. A complete industry bounces up all through the thought of using the new 2010 nano as a watch. But its minute screen destined its iOS-like Multi-Touch body was hard to use as well as a step rearward from physical keys.
The new design’s modifications don’t finish with a bigger screen. The 2012 iPod nano as well takes a number of signals from the iPhone as well as iPod touch. The interface of the nano is made with aluminum with smooth, curved sides plus chamfered borders at the top as well as base. The front is made of white plastic with an iOS-style Home key. On the left-hand border is a 3 button controller and on peak is a Sleep/Wake key.

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