SwiftKey Note: Awesome typing speed, but limited to a sole app

SwiftKey Note: Awesome typing speed, but limited to a sole app

Apple’s local iOS keyboard is not at all bad. It is in fact good, with solid autocorrect feature and ability to study your most normally typed words. But Apple is slight, well, defensive with iOS, and has not permitted other intermediary keyboard manufacturers to create apps that can substitute it entirely.
The lone way for intermediary keyboards to get a piece of the iOS pie is for them to reside contained in an app that is precisely what SwiftKey Note for iPhone & iPad sets out to perform. Already one of the topmost prognostic keyboards in the Android keyboard market, SwiftKey’s initial jump into the iOS loop merges its smart keyboard along with Evernote’s incorporated notebook feature.
When you begin the SwiftKey Note, you will be initially asked to connect Note with your Evernote account. You can type messages in the Note and save them directly to Evernote. Although you can add notes to the existing Evernote notebooks with the help of Note, you cannot make use of the rest of your notebooks contents, but just the notes that are taken in Note. Note will in addition take a glance at your normally used phrases as well as words in Evernote and integrate them in its memory storage.

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